You know... for kids!?

Alice Holliston as
"Abbey Sweet."

One of the most remarkable aspects of producing this film has been the outpouring of support that Home Movies has received from people who care about the film project. From the parents of the children in the cast, to friends and family of the production team, all have dug deep into their pockets to find the dollars and cents that fueled production. From donations both large and small, we managed to raise and disburse all of our production costs through a no-nonsense, grass-roots fundraising effort. Some of it came in $100-$1000 increments, some came in the form of grants from individuals and companies as well as cash put forth by the Home Movies partners.

As we look to the future, we are in development on several screenplays, all with potential to be the next Home Movies fefature film. We are looking for financial support for our second project, and if you have an interest in learning more about our future plans, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your potential involvement. Screenings of our films or VHS copies can be made available for interested parties. In your email, please include a way for us to contact you by telephone and when you are most easily reached.

Our goal in forming the Home Movies Partnership is to create a company that can support itself in the creative endeavors of filmmaking, and which can also help to support the community of artists that use Home Movies as a conduit for their efforts. From it's inception, the process of making this dream a reality has required intense physical, spiritual and financial commitment from the partners. It has been a challenge for each of us, but we have risen to that challenge with integrity, respect, and Love that show no signs of abating. We invite you to join in this effort through your financial support of our creative projects. Thank You.

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