Seattle Film Production
The Gesture resurfaces...

Seattle Film Production
Ian Halloran and
Blake Hellman standby

Seattle Film Production
We support Netscape! If you don't have the current version of Netscape you can get it here. Our site will work with Explorer 5, in fact we are really starting to like IE5 for web browsing. This site makes use of Cascading Style Sheets - a formatting tool that web authors can use to add certain fonts and formats to their pages. The most current versions of Netscape and Explorer come with Style Sheet functionality, as well as Quicktime 4.1, Stuffit Expander 5.5, and Flash 5 Player - all of which will enhance your THE LAST the end web experience.
Macromedia's Flash 4 and 5 add multimedia and animation to the web. A streaming, vector-based streaming media technology, Flash can turn a static web page into an interactive "interface." In the future, we will be adding Flash movies, and will allow you to "view" clips from the film in interactive, user-friendly windows. Stay tuned for more information about that. If you are happy with the browser you have, or your version of Netscape and just wish to add Flash functionality to your browser go get the Shockwave Flash Player from the Macromedia site. You'll be happy you did. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about... don't worry about it.
QuickTime Apple's QuickTime 4 is the de facto standard for streaming media on the web. It offers the highest quality audio and video currently available and it streams! Streaming media means that video and audio will begin playing for you way before the whole file is downloaded - it plays it for you WHILE it's downloading it. The download is a couple of paces ahead of the player, and therefore it flows - as in a stream - to your computer from the web. Netscape and Explorer both come with the QuickTime plug in - but you better take the 10 minutes to get the latest release (QuickTime 4) from Apple's web site (that means Mac and PC users alike!) since the version that has been shipping with most browsers and other software is version 4. Enjoy movie trailers, live performances, animations, and various other multimedia content with the best plug-in going: Apple's QuickTime 4 (aka "QT3").
Comic Sans is a font that we really like. This site uses Cascading Style Sheets (don't worry if you don't know what that means) and your experience will be more like we planned it for you if you have this font installed. Check to see if you have the font already installed on your machine - it may be called "Comic.TTF", "Comic Sans" or "Comic Sans MS." If you do have it, don't worry 'bout a thing. If you don't have it, your browser will display Times New Roman - or some equivalent bore.If you want to download the font and install it you can download it right from this page.

Get the Comic Sans font for:

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    Installation is as follows:

  • Windows users: once the file is downloaded, put it in your C:\windows\fonts directory. You can get to these directories by opening up Windows Explorer and going into your C: Drive, into the Windows directory and finally into the Fonts directory. You do not have to restart your computer to use the font, but you do need to quit your browser and restart it. You can bookmark a page for THE LAST the end in your browser before quitting to easily return here when you restart your browser.

  • Mac users: once the file is downloaded, unstuff it, and place it in your Fonts folder in the System folder. You do not have to restart your computer to use the font, but you do need to quit your browser and restart it for it to work. You can bookmark a page for THE LAST the end in your browser before quitting to easily return here when you restart your browser.
  • Independently produced movie Progressive Network's RealPlayer allows for streaming audio and video files over the web. Some of the footage that we put on the site for viewing will be in the RealVideo format, and we will have some interviews with various people involved in the production that we will offer as streaming audio files. RealPlayer is good to have anyway, as there is a lot of web content available that is in this format. Radio broadcasts, sound files on music web sites, etc. It's a good dremel to have in the web surfer's toolkit. Netscape and Internet Explorer version 4.x and later come with RealPlayer. Do a "Find File" on your computer to see if you have RealPlayer before you bother downloading it - you may already have it.
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