Jesse works with Sarah and Sam... Sam?.

Laying dolly track is perhaps one of the most precise arts on the set. Wedges and apple boxes are used to build a perfectly level traveling surface. Jason Dennis works at it here.

H aving witnessed the tremendous outpouring of creativity and hard work over the last year, many people's natural reaction is to ask the question, "So, what's next?" Fortunately, this is question strikes to the heart of an issue that is always in the backs of our minds- percolating away, keeping our eyes open and the creative juices churning. This is the issue of "how can I make sure that I am always able to do this." -whatever "this" is for each of us in the Home Movies partnership varies, but each of us has skills and talents that we wish to put to use in fulfilling our dreams.

So from it's inception, Home Movies has always had one foot in the future. Built into our company charter is the notion that we take on each new film project so that we can make more films. The making of "Strike My Key" gave us tools, developed skills and, most importantly, forged relationships which provided the genesis for the making of The Trouble with Boys and Girls / THE LAST the end. In the same manner, producing our first feature film has greatly increased our knowledge as well as expanded our family of creative minds and willing hands. Each movie carries within it the seeds of the next, and the Howard brothers are already in the planning stages for their next screenplay.

But the Home Movies project is merely the first step for us. Our intention is to create and sustain a community of motivated, empowered souls who have the tools and resources to assist each other in various creative and generative processes. We will work together as an organic whole, each member supporting the efforts of the whole group. This is what we call Organic Family.

Within the umbrella group of Organic Family, there exist many branches, of which Home Movies is the movie making branch. Our plan is to develop this branch into a company that is not only self supporting, but which will also serve as the base around which Organic Family may grow into other areas. Home Movies can thus be regarded as the "trunk" of the Organic Family tree. Other branches include Jesse Howard's company Clothespin Productions which generates summer movie making camps and theater experiences for children and Todd Howard's multimedia and web design company, Howard MultiMedia. In the future, Organic Family will also become involved in theatrical productions, writing, audio design, health, nutrition and healing, and anything else that we put our hands, hearts and minds to. Keep your eyes out for our next project!

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-Home Movies Partners: Todd, Jesse, Paul, Jesse, Erika and Kate

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